Truth on CO2 Emissions.

updated: Monday, September 30, 2019

All living organisims expire CO2. Plants take in CO2 and release O2. CO2 is the building block of life and yet the Communist / Socailist/ Democrate call upon the regulation to this to the point of not eating beef due to cow flagellation. This will only lead to the extermination of humans when other humans (socialists and communist ) see fit. They have already apporved late term abortions and in some states abortion after birth. Sanders had called for abortions in developing countries to reduce the populations and imporve the economic health of poor countries.

Climate change is a hoax and is being used by the left wing to control the mass populations.

In the Communist manifesto it gives a template how to emplement Communism. The one part of life they could not address was climate. Now they are working toward that goal.

Socialists believe that The State knows best over the populace and with that end in mind, they will deterimine who will live and die through redistribution of weath, how much one can earn, who can be killed at birth and who is important enough to save when old establishment of reeducation camps. They expand their hold through false education in the schools. They have determined the syllabus to be taught in the schools to focus on their goals of full control of the human life. Elimination of God to start with.

God: All rights are given by God and not man.

Re education camps: China, Russia other communist dominated governments send people who do not accept their ways of thinking or beliefs