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updated: Monday, September 30, 2019

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FBI looks as if they tried to do a coup to a duly elected President.Dems promise investigation after investigation into President Trump now that they have the house. Muller report shows there was No collusion. Yet the Dems kling to this as a battle cry.

Electoral College:Call to get rid of electoral college. Illegals caught voting in states that give illegals drivers licenses. 60% of US Citizens want voter id and protection but the Dems are against this. God help us.

Kavanagh is confirmed inspite of the left making up stories about him.
Confirmation vote is tomorrow 6 October 2018 on Kavanaugh. The Dems have sunk to an all time low. Feinstien held an accuation till the last minute and the person , Dr. Ford, could not back up and confirm her alligation. Her witnesses did not remember the situation. She was 15 and had been drinking. She could not remember how she got there, where she came from, who dropped her off, who picked her up, where the house was located or if it was a house, how many people were there however a lot of people believe something happened in her life but it was not with the Brent Kavanaugh.Nothing from Muller all of this time and the Russian interference. Oops what's up? Unemployment is at a 50 year low. Amazing.

27 Sept 2018: Confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh. His acusor is testifying infront of Senate. Fact: Feinstein with held her letter until time of vote. Accusor (Dr. Ford) is 100% sure Kavanaugh attacked her at a party of 5 people but can not tell where the house is located or how she got home. Acusor is a Phychologist an expert in Phychology. Said she did not want to go to the media but shopped it to the Times and Washington Post. Gave names of 4 others there and they were contacted and non remember any incident. She does not remember who paid for her polygraph. Stay tuned.Dems calling for Kavanaugh to step down. Dems are posting that this hearing is destroying Kavanaugh and Republicans saying just the opposite. Same play used against Justice Thomas.

Republicans are still being docile. They are allowing Dems to attack and not respond to the attacks. This is where President Trump is different. He goes right back at them and the Republicans think that is wrong. All of President Trump's supporters approve of this tactic.

21 Sept 2018: Seems to be the plan of the Dems to slow the process to the election and if they get a majority in House and Senate , impeach Trump or at least never approve of any of his selections for Supreem Court Pick and stall , stall, stall.

Election 2018: Dems take House, Repubs keep Senate. Nevada turns blue due to Las  Vegas and Reno. Sisolak is Gov. He is for taxes, major gun control and everything Nevadans are against. California influx has taked the state away from Nevada and turned it into California. Stay Tuned.

Dems promise investigation after investigation into President Trump now that they have the house. Nov 2108

Kavanaugh hearing is being slowed by sexual allegations that Kavanaugh jumped on a 15yo girl 37 years ago at a party and the girl was drunk. Kavanuagh has been investigated 6 times by the FBI and why now doest this come up. He is a sitting federal judge approved by a 97 to 3 vote by the senate in the past. It seems to be a plot to stop POTUS from getting another conservative, constitution following justice. Stay tune.

6 Sept 2018: Two years into the Trump Presidency, still nothing with the FBI probe. No collusion. They keep trying to find tangent crimes and nothing working. Fake dossier, Spying on a political rival party by the Dems, Selling of Uranium to the Russians by the Dems, writting an exhonoration for Hillary months before any interview by the FBI, Operation Crossfire to make an election null and void and still Trump is gaining in support. Unemployment at all time low. Black american support at a all time high, economy hits 4.5 plus groth yet Dems call for impeach 45. Why because he is draining the swamp and is an outsider.

Possible game plan is for the Dems to stall until after the mid term election and they are hoping to get the majority in both houses of congress. If this happens, they will try to impeach Trump and never approve another supreem court justice. IF this happens, the court will be dead locked and lower court liberal judges can make rulings and if it goes to the Supreem Court, the ruling will stay because of the deadlock. God help us.

Dems demand more docs to review to examine Kavanaugh. Ginsburg confirmed after 45 days of nomination. It is has been over 60 days with Kavanaugh. Dems already say they will not support his appointment. Who well , in the words of their great Leader, Berry Sotoro sks, Barrack Hussain Obama, " elections have consequences."

Sessions resigns. Republicans gain in Senate but lose House. The Dems have promised impeach 45 and investigations. We will see. 5.2 billion spent on election. 113 million voted. 33 flips 110 females elected.

Obama Rips Trump in Detroit. Past Presidents have not done this but Obama is above everyone else.

Migrant caravan members reject offer to stay in Mexico.

Iran is not harrassing American Ships in the Gulf . Maybe they are getting the message the Trump is not fooling around. 25 Jan 2018

Trump was right, Obama had Trump under surveillance with fake FISA report made up and paid for by the DNC and Hillary Clinton. How low did they go? Stay tuned! We will see. 23jan2018

2017: One year into the Trump Presidency, liberals are still trying to find someway to remove Trump from office. No conspriacy found, no sexual harrassment like Frankin or Conyers. Liberals keep saying Trump is mentally unstable to be President. They will keep digging.Libs are still trying to Kill America. A year later Hillary is still trying to find someone to blame for her loss. Hillary was exposed in working with the DNC to nominate her the Dem candidate and Sanders just rolls over.

Text messages inside the FBI indicate a secret society with a mission of removing Trump from the Presidency is he was elected. Operation Crossfire hurricane. With this information coming out, it show the true color of the deep state against Trump and for Hillary..

FBI had documents stating Hillary was exornated before she was even interviewed. When she did meet with the FBI it was not under oath, no recording and with low level agents. The fix was in.

Lets see. FBI did not plan to go after Hillary according to their internal memos. A member of Mullers special investigation into alledge Russian collusion has been dismissed to tweeting and posting anti Trump rhetoric. Not bias there. Numerious Senators and Congressmen including Al Franken have had sexual assualt and harrasment issues come to the light. Nothing on Trump. But they keep searching.

Double standards by Dems and Liberals on the sexual issues. Ok for Dems not for Republicans.

San Francisco has found the illegal alien that kill US Citizen Kate Steinle not guilty of anything. SF felt that his conviction would be a negative on sanctuary city and sanctuary state status of California. This guy was deported 5 time and a 6 time fellon in possesson of the firearm. WTF California

Time to get rid of sanctuary cities and follow the rules of law. A country is difined by its borders, language and culture. Make America Great Again.

San Francisco has found the illegal alien that kill US Citizen Kate Steinle not guilty of anything. SF felt that his conviction would be a negative on sanctuary city and sanctuary state status of California. This guy was deported 5 time and a 6 time fellon in possesson of the firearm. WTF California

19 April 2017: Maxine Waters calls for Trump to be impeached then denies she said anything like that. Film clips on CNN, MSNBC, Fox show different.

As of 19 April: no more talk about Trump in bed with Russians. It was shown that Obama had Trump Organization under surveillance by government agencies. Confirmed by Susan Rice.

19 April 2017: Iran is harrassing the US Navy in the Gulf. What todo?