History has shown that men of power have been Cads. Power is sexy and the Presidency of the USA is no different.

A couple of recent US presidents have not had affairs. This is Nixon, LBJ, Ford, Bush 1 and Bush 2. as well as Jimmy Carter.

The left is saying Trump is morally unfit to be President because he has had a affair, consorted with porn stars and spoke about females allowing celebrities to grab their pussy.

Lets talk about past US Presidents starting with FDR.

FDR had affair with his personal secretary for years but this was hidden from the public. Could you really blame him since Elinore was for homely.

JFK was well known for his affairs including sharing Marilyn Monroe with mob bosses and his brother Bobbie. His brother Teddy left a girl to drown after driving off a bridge at a party he left.

Bill Clinton had so many mistresses it is hard to keep count. His lowest point was having a 19 yo intern give his blow jobs in the oval office and he used her as a human cigar holder. This is very presidential.

Obama had gay lovers and no traceable female romances except for Michelle. (Interesting)

President Trump. Married 3 times. No White House scandal with sexual relationships but he has had the life of a casino owner and powerful developer. Never been accused of rape like Clinton. So what if he had sex with a porn star? What American heterosexual male does not think of this.