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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

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Election Impossible

April 2017 President Trump after seeing that Syria used gas against its population ordered 59 missles fired on an airbase the gas attacks originated. The Russians were given notice to evacuate the base. He held up Obamas line in the sand with the use of chemical weapons in the civil war in Syria. Another Promise Kept.
April 2017 President Trump keeps a campaign promise by bombing the hell out or ISIS. He dropped a MOAB , the largest bomb not nuclear, on an underground Taliban complex in Afghanistan.

8 March 2017 Wiki Leaks release thousands of emails show how the CIA has tapped American Citizens. This is not looking good for the past administration. Trump may have something here as far as government spying on the American people.

Also today the plan to re due and replace obama care was made public. Should be interesting to see how it proceeds.

  Can you believe it. Trump did the impossible. He was abandoned by the Republicans, malined by the news, Democrats, Liberals, Black Lives matter, the pacs yet pulled through. Maybe we can heal the wounds Obama and Hillary made on the American spirit. One thing is for sure, if he does not come across, there will be no fear in impeachment and removal. After all he is a white man.
6 Mar 2017 Tapping Trump is accusing President Obama of Tapping his building at Trump Towers. Obama has done this in the past to others. The Media is saying there is no proof. We will see how this plays out.