Reason For Attack

Bears will attack for a couple of reasons. If you know these reasons, you might be able to avoid a confrontation.


  • A sow may be with her club.
  • You may be too close and startled the Bear.
  • A bear may be guarding a carcass and it may appear as if you are going to take its meal.
  • If in the Spring, it could be in the mating season and you are interfering.

Preventative Actions

There are a couple of things you can do to discourage a meeting. Here are a couple of suggestions:

  • Make a lot of noise so you will not surprise the Bear. However, if some meat eating animal is hungry and near bye, you could be the next "Meal on Wheel".
  • Carry a flash light at night on pepper spray.
  • Pepper spray is reportedly better than a gun. Chance you will only have one shot and if you miss, you will only piss the bear off more. Pepper spray will not do any long term harm and discourage the bear in such a way a skunk might.

Actions upon Sighting

  • If you see the bear first, keep out of sight and try to leave the area.
  • Stay down wind of the bear so your sent will not be detected.



Actions upon Approach

  • Drop something to distract it. (DO NOT USE FOOD)
  • Talk Quietly and Back Off. (A prayer is a good suggestion)
  • If it charges! DO NOT RUN. A bluff is common. However if it does continue to advance, use pepper spray.


If none of the above works, lie on the ground on your stomach. Place your hands behind your head and neck and play dead.

When the bear loses interest and goes away, wait a few minutes before getting up and change your pants.