And a modification you should immediately make to a thermal pocket blanket (when you purchase it), is to place some pieces of "duct tape" on the corners and also along the sides. Then take a "hole puncher" and make some nice clean holes where you placed these pieces of tape so it won't tear when you attach some nylon string (which you'll also need) to the corners and sides for use as an emergency shelter.
Another modification you should make to it, is to place two (2) 12-15 inch  long pieces of duct tape "one-over-the-other" directly in the center of the thermal blanket and repeat this same procedure on the reverse side.
Then if you should ever need to use it as a rain or cold weather poncho. All ya gotta do is remove one layer of duct tape from both sides, take your knife and make a slit down the center of the "second layer" of tape (but not the entire length) and then try it on for size. When you're finished using it, reattach the two layers of duct tape that you removed to close up this slit/hole so you can use it again as an emergency shelter or blanket.

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