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Strategies for Controlling Your Fear

Ways to Vanquish Fear


Do not try to run physically or mentally from the situation. Recognize fear for what it is: a protective mechanism for the body to preserve itself.


Use positive action and take control of the situation by weighing the factors and making decisions instead of putting them off.
3. Recognize that everyone has certain fears and these are normal.
4. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Make a plan and follow through with it.
5. Set realistic goals.
6. Use affirmative self talk.
  • I choose to make the right choices
  • I am doing well in this situation.
  • I am confident in my ability to make the right decisions.
  • I choose to have a good self image.
  • Tell yourself what to do.
  • 7. Do not be afraid of spiritual faith. Try hard and pray harder.
    8. Continue to gather all the information that you can about your situation. Maintain active situational awareness.
    9. Those who have suffered hardship in the past do better than those who have not. They seem to know how to cope without the extras and "fluff". Use this fact to your benefit.
    10. So not waste time thinking about how and why the situation occurred.
    11. Do not blame anyone (including yourself) for your situation. It is NO ONE'S FAULT.

    Present discomforts and deprivations are only temporary.

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    Controlling Fear in Others
    1. Cultivate mutual support.
    2. Use good leadership practices. Lead by example.
    3. Practice discipline.
    4. Use the spread of positive ideas to advantage. Talk positive ALL the time?
    5. Do not indicate resentment to the reactions of others. Individuals have the right to their own feelings. Respect them but put them at ease.
    6. Do not belittle other because they can not do something. Every one has limitations.
    7. Comfort other without encouraging them to feel sorry for themselves.
    8. Involve other in simple tasks or functions to maintain a sense of contributing.
    • Teamwork always accomplishes more than a one person show. Help each other.
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