The hunter tries as calmly as possible to calculate the place where he is from, then using land mark such as dead or high tree hills etc. he walks the most straight forward as possible toward his goal.
Meanwhile he marks trees on both sides with his knife or axe or a rock so that he can come back should he have to.
Then he MUST try to evaluate as best as he can the travelled distance rarely more than one mile and not to overpass this distance.
Even counting his steps so as to do walks as similar as possible 1000 double steps give roughly 1 mile, then after that he should come back to his starting point, easy since he marked his way.
He then will go in the opposite direction for the same time or distance and mark his trees with 2 landmark and ALWAYS on both sides, then return if unsuccessful.
There is NO doubt that if he does the 4 lines he will find his old trail back. He will not have walked more than 8 miles which is easy to do in one day.

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