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Pulley Systems

Mechanical pulley system will be very important in a survival situation. With them you and increase your power in moving large items, building shelters and building traps for food and protection. Below are pulleys using a climbing Jumar and a Petzel Device.

Jumars to the left are climbing devices used in assending ropes. In a survival situation they can be used in a pulley system give you a 3 to 1 mechanical advantage.

They are placed on the rope as demonistrated to the left.

They can be used as a ratchet if placed similar to the diagram to the left.

To the left is a diagram of a 3 to 1 mechanical system. As stated before, this can be used to lift and or move heavy objects.

This is a Petzel Device that is very small and compact. It can be used as a Jumar in the same manner. It has to be placed on a carabiner as such.

Here is a simple pulley system diagram that also allows a 3 to 1 mechanical advantage and can be used in hauling, lifting and other survival situations.

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