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ATV Quad Rental Rates for 2012
Freedom to Roam

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Hours single rider Atv u pick up
Additional information
2-3 hours riding time $350 1 tank gas included , Full price. no additions
3-6 hours riding time $500 1 tank gas included.
24 hrs rental time $750 Helmet, 1 tank of gas. NO leeway
Transport Cost  not included 5 atvs or more add to above price
a charge of $200 per 4 units rented.
Over night camping with ATV $800 pp/atv Tent setup and sleeping bag inc. Camp site fee extra.
5 + ATVs   Each  
2-3 hrs $400 48 hour notice required
4-6 hrs $550 48 hour notice required
24 hrs $900 (requires extra trailer and vehicle)
Deposit requirements Call for 24 hr or longer quotes.
2 rider ATV's Available.
Add $75 per atv
Call for 24hr or longer rates
  Rental Qualifications must read

Two can ride on one ATV

Our Season has been fantastic! We are booked out to Sept 4 2012.

Insurance deposit is required for all rentals.
  Atv Rental Specials
Deliver rates based upon milage and time to deliver.
Respect private property and stay on marked roads.

All confirmed rental reservation are non-refundable. However, a rain check for the confirmed rental reservation
amount and valid for one year will be provided to clients who cancel their reservation. When there is snow in the mountains, rentals are out of the Tahoe Basin. We have the right to change rates at anytime before conformation.

We proudly support Washoe County Search and Rescue with a portion of our income.
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Mountain Gear, Inc.

WARING: ATV riding is deadly. When you rent, you understand you can kill someone and you can be killed. If you do not want to accept this responsiblity, DO NOT RIDE. You are responsible to read all posting.