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updated: 3/6/2010

Want to Target Shoot or try some different Firearms?

We have shooting rental packages startng at $110 per person which includes choice of 3 military firearms ( AR-15, SKS, AK-47 or Ateyr Aug) with 10 rounds each and a full auto machine gun with 25 rounds. See our shooting site here!!! We have the new Colt M-16 22cal long rifle. Lets shoot tactical.

Never fired a full auto Machine Gun? Now is your chance. Call us at 775 741 0735.

We can set up tactical training. Check out our Gun Rental Blog.

Want to rent Atvs? Check out our
ATV Rates for 2010

We can arrange for over night camping with tents and Atv.

We provide atv gps tracking 24/7, maps, gps devices, helmets and goggles. If you get lost, we will come and get you. Travel safe without worry.

Check our blog .

 You asked for it and now we will set up Paintall Games for you starting at $125/person. Call us at 775-741-0735
or email us .
In email subject line place "I want to play"

 P.O. Box 1698
Crystal Bay, Nevada 89402
775- 741-0735

Email us at: I want to Play!

Come ride with us. New "Two-up" Atv's.

Camping Overnight Offer
We are offering a great 3 days 2 night deal. For a starting price of $695 per person, you get an all inclusive outing to include, atv riding, prospecting, exploring the back country, marksmanship, camping, viewing wild horses, hunting (with hunting license during season) (we can provide the guns), 4x4 trips, land navigation, survival training and more. You provide your food and we will provide the Shelters , and campsite. We will take care of it all. Contact us now!

What do we do? 

We also can arrange for the following services.

Winter is just around the corner. ATV trails around Tahoe will close on 31 October. It does not mean that you can not play out doore. We still have great riding areas outside the Tahoe Basin and close to travel. Today!

updated: Saturday, March 06, 2010