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 Cold Stream Adventures 2011  Truckee, Calif
 Eagle Ridge Outfitters 2011  Truckee, Calif
Zepher Cove Snow Mobile Center 2011 Zepher Cove, Nevada
 Lake Tahoe Snowmobile Tours 2011  Crystal Bay, Nevada
 Full Throttle Snowmobile Rentals   Kings Beach
North Tahoe Regional Park   Tahoe Vista, Calif
Lake Tahoe Adventures 2011 South Lake Tahoe

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What questions to ask when taking a snowmobile tour?


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Choosing a Snowmobile Tour

When choosing a tour, look for a company that takes small groups (5-10 people), and has experienced guides able to deal with mechanical breakdowns on the trail. It is also desirable to have a support vehicle. Ask the following questions before you go.

How long has the tour company been operating?

How much riding will be done each day, and what is the average speed?

Who pays for repairs if the sled breaks, and will a spare be provided?

How much can you expect to pay for gas and oil during the trip?

What are the trail conditions like, and what happens if there's no snow--can you get your money back?

Will there be a support vehicle to carry food, supplies, and backup sleds during the trip?

What kind of machines will you be riding, and how new will they be?
Does the tour price include all lodging and food costs?

Can you get a discount for organizing a group of riders?
Will the tour operator trailer your sled to the destination for a fee?


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