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Lake Tahoe Recreation is a proud supporter of search and rescue teams that volunteer around Lake Tahoe to protect the lives of locals and visitors. Please support their efforts by purchasing items on this web site.

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The Sierra Nevada Mountains are home to the very best in vacation outdoor activities and entertainment. Lake Tahoe is also known to be one of the America's favorite vacation and recreation locations. This web site is a catalogue of recreational activities around Lake Tahoe. We have activities for the entire family.

From world-famous beaches, hiking and biking trails to water sports, skiing, motorsports, Atv riding, motorcycle, 4x4 touring, rock climbing, sun bathing, paint ball, casino games, golfing, camping, fishing, exploring, marksmanship, jet skiing, boating, snow boarding, relaxation, dining, kayaking, rafting, hang gliding, para-sailing, firearm training, gun rental, shoot a machine gun and other recreation opportunities. Tahoe has entertainment for all types and ages.

Travel and adventure is just a short drive from Reno to Lake Tahoe. But check the Weather first.

Tourism Facts

Average Depth 1,000 ft
Max Depth 1,645 ft.
Volume : 39 Trillion gals
Natural Rim: 6,223 ft.
Size: 22 mi long
12 mi. wide.
Shoreline: 72 miles

Search/Rescue Missions

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Lake Tahoe Child Care Information sponsored listings
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Check out last year's fall colors on the way from Reno to Lake Tahoe. Click Here or on the picture.

Remember it is easy to get stuck at Tahoe. If you are in the back country call Search and Rescue. 911


At a minimum carry a space blanket, matches, candle, garbage bags and water when hiking.
Check out to see how these can keep you warm if you are forced to stay the night

Gambling Classes Available
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Great Beaches

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Still Getting weather in the mountains. Check roads.

Tahoe Cams

Highway 80 Traffic cams: Road conditions to and around Tahoe.

Daily wave conditions

Summer is here. Time for hiking, swimming, camping, biking and boating. If you get in trouble in Nevada you can call 911 and get search and rescue. It is no charge and these volunteers are standing bye to help. Do Not Hesitate! Also tell some one where you are going and when you will return. Have fun, Be safe, prepare.

Be careful of jumping into the Lake. It can kill you if you are not prepared for the sudden change in water temperature.

Rules of 3. There are rules of survival that everyone needs to know when in the back country, driving in snow or just hiking around. They are: #1 an individual can survive 3 min with out air. #2: An individual can survive 3 hours with out proper shelter ( hot or cold).#3: An individual can survive 3 days with out water.#4: An individual can go 3 weeks with out food. Golden Rule is An individual only has 3 seconds to get into the correct mindset to survive and realize you will get through any obsticle in front of you. Use your mind

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64 years in the area. We know Tahoe, Sierras and Nevada!

Website is always being upgraded and corrected. Some links do not work. We apologize for any frustration. This is the longest existing web dedicated to Tahoe Recreation on the internet.

Things to do at Lake Tahoe catalogue

Local News

Know before you go. Checks the roads:
Highway 80 Traffic cams: Road conditions to and around Tahoe.

Check weather at Tahoe all the time because it can change at a moments notice.


Family firearm introduction for 4, $595. Includes 4 firearms, limited ammo instruction and use of range up to 4 hours. Additional time $100 per hour per family. Tactical Range. Not one like it in Nevada. Additional people over 4 add $100 per person. Californians are welcome. ID is required. no discounts and Shooting Academy

Come learn to shoot, increase your skills, enjoy Nevada view with Nevada Gun Rental and Nevada Recreation inc.

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Call any time or text 775 741 0735 if you need assistance.

Tahoe Tip: Dress in layers , check weather conditions often and DO NOT wear cotton in the winter. Cotton Kills.

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North Lake Tahoe Activities

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Web cams around the lake

East Shore trail now open from Incline to Sand Harbor. 3 miles long and a wonderful walk. check it out.

Highway 80 Traffic cams to Tahoe. Check the roads often.

Summer at Tahoe. Lots to do, Lots to see.

June 2024 Special Event Notices

Nevada Gun Rental and Reno Gun Rental are offering additional training with package starting at $130 per hour.

Washoe Search and Rescue Activities

Washoe County Search and Rescue is always available for rescue work. If you are in the back country and need help, dial 911 and tell them you need rescue. The nearest county search and resuce team will be deployed.

Survival Tip: 
Take a couple of garbage bags with you in your pocket to act as a quick shelter. Stay on trails and within ski areas. Watch the weather at Tahoe. If you get introuble call 911. Washoe County Search and rescue is always ready to help you in need. Do not wait. Time is of the most importance. Rememeber you and only survive 3 hours in harsh conditions if you are not prepared.

Recommended places to see.

Tahoe City, Squaw Valley Cable Car, Kings Beach, Sand Harbor State Park, Emerald Bay, Truckee River Bike Path from Tahoe City, Rope Courses, Golf Courses, Beaches, boat cruises, biking, casino entertainment , various hiking trails and the East Short trail from Incline to Sand Harbor just to name a few.

Back country and Tahoe Survival tips, go to

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This site is an Index and Catalog to Activities at Lake Tahoe. Google and Yahoo Rates this site as the #1 site for Tahoe Recreation and Activities. Over 100,000,000 visits to this site in twenty years.2.2 million visits in to this site last year. We started in April 2000.

Forest Service (Truckee): 530-587 3558

  Smoke is better at Tahoe. The lake level is very low.

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Special Interest Items

North Shore or South Shore. What's the Difference?

Crystal Bay Club Casino celebrating 91years. History

Lake Tahoe Recreation had it's start at The Crystal Bay Club Casino.We were the principle owners from 1972 to 2005. Nicest casino at North Lake Tahoe. Check it out. It has great music venues. One of the last casinos at North Lake Tahoe. The Normans have done a wonderful job with the casino and always has great live entertainment. Check it out.


Family fun at Tahoe

Brush up on your survival skills at
. and names are available for sale. Call or text 775 741 0735 is interested.

Camp Ground Reservations Year Around:

Campgrounds can be reserved 6 months in advance. Group Camps can be reserved 12 months in advance. Make your reservation soon at or call 1-877-444-6777. If you need items to camp, give us a call. We can provide a trailer, camping tents, grills and a host to stay with you. Starting at $500 a day.

Points of interest at Tahoe.

Ehrman Mansion

Taylor Creek Stream Profile

Vikingsholm Castle

Eagle Falls

Mt Rose

Heavenly Valley

Emerald Bay

Eagle Rock

Crystal Bay Lookout

Martis Peak Lookout

Sand Harbor

Backpacking Food Topics

Lake Tahoe Rv Camping

Easy hikes around Tahoe and Falling Leaf lake during the winter

Great entertainment all around the lake. Each area has it speciality.

Hotels at Tahoe include Hyatt, Harrahs, Harveys. Mt Blue, Horizon, Embassy Suits. Near Lake Tahoe include: Atlantis, Peppermill, Circus Circus, JA Nugget, El Dorado, Cal Neva. Casinos

Special Event Notice:

Hike, Snowshoe, Ski, Bike and explore. Just be safe. It you get into trouble, call 911. Search and Rescue is there to help. Be prepared when going out doors. Washoe County Search and Rescue has already conducted over a dozen of search and rescue missons for stuck Christmas Tree Hunters, Hikers with out proper clothing, Snowshoers out after dark with out proper gear, Bike riders and more. Be prepared when venturing out. Even if it is for only a hour or two. Things happen. Carry basic survival items even for a short walk. Learn The Rules of 3 at and plan accordingly. It will save your life.

Weather Or Not!!!

Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Prepare! Prepare!Prepare!
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Check Roads in Nevada here!

California Roads

Many things to do at Lake Tahoe. We can assist you in arrangement. 775 741 0735

Washoe County Search and Rescue Needs Your Help!
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Come up an view our beautiful sunsets!

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Forecast for Greater Lake Tahoe Area

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Hike, water ski, bike, kayak, para glide and enjoy the views

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Attractions at Tahoe

Cave Rock east shore, Eagle Rock west shore, Fannette Island Emerald Bay, Heavenly Valley South Tahoe, High Camp Squaw Valley, Kings Beach North Shore, North Tahoe Arts Center Tahoe City, Tahoe City, Tallac Historic site South Lake, Taylor Creek Visitors Center South Lake, Vikingsholm Castle Emerald Bay, Watson Cabin Tahoe City, ThunderBird Lodge East Shore, Gatekeeper's Museum Tahoe City, 1960 Olympic Museum Squaw Valley, Tahoe Maritime Museum Tahoe Cty,

Forest Service Restrictions for the Back Country at Tahoe
At 10,776 feet, Mount Rose is the third highest mountain in the Tahoe Basin. The six-mile (one-way) hike offers views of both Washoe Valley and the surrounding Tahoe Basin. Snow stays on the peaks into the summer months, so late June is the best time to start hiking this trail.

Take the Mt. Rose Highway (State Route 431) to the trail head, which is a half-mile from the summit and next to a building and a gate. Follow this dirt road, which turns into a footpath after 2.5 miles. An elevation gain of 2,620 feet makes this a challenge, but keep going, because the panoramic views from the top are definitely worth the work.

The summit at Mt. Rose has a great new starting area for your hike up to Mt. Rose and the Tahoe Rim Trail. Check out the new rest rooms.
  • Backpacking survival tips
  • Kayak Tips
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    Nevada Recreation Inc. can help plan your camping excursion. We can rent you any item you need up to and including setting up your site and breaking it down. We can connect you with kayaks, atv rentals, camping, hiking guides, insite into the lake as well as any other item or information you my need. We can even provide a camping trailer with all the amenities of home and a personal host/guide to set you up and stay with you. Starting at $600 a day. All you have to do is show up. Give us a call at 775 741 0735 anytime if you have questions. Sept 2019

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    Heavenly Valley looking north to Incline.

    Camping items

UPDATE:6/26/20241:19:46 AM

Check the latest updates here at:, or This Weather

Avalanche Condition reporting in the Sierras around Lake Tahoe are open.

Sierra Avalanche Center. Check before you go. Wear a Avalance locator too.

Lake Tahoe Interests

Top Ten Tahoe things to try Learn the art of Firearm Protection. Give us a call at 775 741 0735
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Mountain survival training at Lake Tahoe is #1 destination according to Orbitz. Story Tahoe this week events

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There are things to see and do outside the Tahoe Basin. Call or texst us for more information 775 741 0735

Learn how to kayak around Lake Tahoe in 3 Days

Lake Tahoe Water Trail .org

Want to play airsoft or paintball? We can connect you with those who do in the Reno /Tahoe area. Want to shoot real guns, learn how to shoot or try something new? I teach (< no spaces) Give us a call or text us at 775 741 0735. Games are played every weekend in the Reno and Carson City area. Equipment is available for purchase or rental.

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